/Update and Installation


By downloading, installing and using Jigloo you are agreeing to the following license terms:
  • Jigloo SWT/Swing GUI Builder is free for NON-COMMERCIAL use only.
  • "Commercial use" is defined as use by an employee of a  business, corporation or institute (including academic institutes) to carry out the work for which they are employed. (Note: students of academic institutes are NOT defined as commercial users, unless they are being employed by their institute to carry out work which requires Jigloo).
  • If Jigloo is used (after a successful evaluation period of no more than 30 days) for the work of any business, corporation or institute, a Professional License must be purchased for each employee using Jigloo.
  • The code must not be disassembled or reverse engineered, or copied in any way.
  • This software is provided AS IS and any express or implied warranties, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose are disclaimed.
  • GENERATED CODE: There are no restrictions on the use of the code generated by Jigloo, provided Jigloo is being used in accordance with the above conditions. There are no warranties for the generated code including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.
Notes about licensing:

o If you are using Jigloo at work, and your boss does not know you need a license (or what a great deal Jigloo is) please let them know! Today.

o If you are the boss, and think Jigloo is too cheap to be any good, please let us know and we'll raise the price ;-)

o Supporting Jigloo (under the terms of the license) will lead to more improvements, faster - thank you.

Installation with Eclipse's Update Manager

You must use the Update Manager in Eclipse to download and install Jigloo - just open it (under "Help->Software Updates->Find and Install").


Then choose the option "Search for new features to install" and hit "Next".

On the next page hit "New Remote site" and a dialog will pop up.

Enter "Jigloo" for "Name" and  "" for "Url".

Then select the new "jigloo" entry and hit "Next". Eclipse will contact the cloudgarden update site (make sure that java has access to the web if you have a firewall installed) and you should then be presented with a dialog allowing you to select a Jigloo version for installation.

After accepting the license, and continuing past a few more dialogs, Jigloo will be installed and you will need to restart Eclipse before using Jigloo.

NOTE: If you are running Eclipse using Java 1.3, (eg, if you are running Websphere, or using a Mac and Eclipse 2.1) then you will need to download this file, place it in the plugins/com.cloudgarden.jigloo_n.n.n folder, and restart Eclipse.