What's new in Jigloo version 3.9.0

Supports GroupLayout (as in Netbean's Matisse)

You should include the swing-layout-1.0.jar file that you will find in the jigloo plugin folder in your project class path.

To use:
  1. Select the new "GroupLayout" icon (it has a red border) from the component/layout palette and drop it on your form, then start adding/moving components.
  2. You can also start with an existing GUI and when you set the layout to "Group" then it will automatically be converted!
  3. Drag and drop elements from the component palette (or cut, copy/paste) - alignment lines will appear
  4. Use the pop-up menu (opened by clicking on the "down-arrow" icon at the top-right of the selected element) to change anchors, alignment and reset the element to it's default size.