TalkingJava SDK with Java Speech API implementation

Current Version 1.7.1, released Jan 1st 2010

CloudGarden has produced a full implementation of Sun's Java Speech API for Windows platforms, allowing a large range of SAPI4 and SAPI5 compliant Text-To-Speech and Speech-Recognition engines (in many different languages) to be programmed using the standard Java Speech API. The main features are described here.

The JSAPI implementation is distributed as part of the TalkingJava SDK, which also includes many examples and documentation, and packages for redirection of audio data (allowing for example audio files to be read/written, audio data to be received/sent over a network, and connection with Sun's Java Media Framework).

Please note: TalkingJavaSDK is FREE for NON-COMMERCIAL use only. If it is used by an company, corporation or institution internally or as part of a distributed product then a Professional License must be purchased.

Additional Features of CloudGarden's JSAPI implementation
Packages and additional classes augment the capabilities of the JSAPI by, for example integrating with Sun's JMF,  allowing, amongst other things, MPEG audio files to be created and read, and compressed audio data to be transmitted across a network.
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Jan 1st 2010
TalkingJava SDK Version 1.7.0 released
May 22nd 2003
Version 1.4 of AliceTalker - now works with AnnaBot and most versions of AliceBot.