Package examples.recognition

Class Summary
CommandsFromFile Tests out recognition of various words or phrases (programmed as rules in a RuleGrammar) from a wave file.
DictationFromAudioStreamSource Receives input from a filtered line (demonstrates the AudioFilterSource for reducing power-line hum).
DictationFromFile Tests running a dictation grammar against input from a wave file.
DictationFromFileToFile Reads audio data from a file, and uses an AudioSplitter to send the data to a recognizer as well as another file, saving the audio data in the same format as the recognizer, which may be different from the input file.
DictationFromLine Receives input from a filtered line (demonstrates the AudioFilterSource for reducing power-line hum).
DictationFromMPEGFile Tests dictation using audio data obtained from an mp3 file
DictationTest Tests out basic dictation from the default audio device (usually the microphone) - also demonstrates getting the list of speaker profiles and setting the current speaker.
DuplexTest Tests whether a duplex sound card is being used - keep saying one of the five commands ("Nice day", "Hello", "How are you" etc) while the computer is replying - the computer should hear what you said while it was still talking and reply when it has finished it's current reply.
GramCommitTest Tests activating/deactivating rules and grammars in response to spoken commands - one grammar contains the words "alpha","bravo","charlie","delta", but only one rule is active at a time and the other grammar contains "one","two","three","four" - again, only one rule active at a time: also, only one of the grammars is active at a time - switch between grammars with the command "switch" and activate the next rule in each grammar with the command "next".
GrammarErrorTest Loads in a grammar file (error_test.gram) which contains several JSGF errors, to demonstrate reporting of errors.
LoadJSGFFromURL Demonstrates loading a grammar file, "grammars.helloWorld", which imports another grammar, "grammars.numbers", and recognition of commands from the helloWorld grammar.
NullAndVoidTest Just loads in a JSGF file which contains several uses of the and rules, then quits after listing out the rules.
ParserTest Demonstrates use of the RuleGrammar.parse method
TestResultListener Class to print out result events, and deallocate the recognizer after a given number of accepted results.
WhatTimeIsIt Replies with the date or the time depending on whether it recognizes "what time is it" or "what date is it".