Java 5.0 (or 1.5) notes

The JSAPI classes will run under Java 5.0 without problem, but if running the installer or LicenseManager with Java 5.0 installed on your machine, please read the following notes.

Installing using Java 5.0

If you extract the jar or zip file and try double-clicking on the Setup.exe file, you will get an error saying a suitable JVM could not be found.

Instead, please double-click on the TalkingJavaSDK-1xx.jar file, or run the jar file using
"java -jar TalkingJavaSDK-1xx.jar".

If uninstalling, don't click on the Setup.exe file but again run the TalkingJavaSDK jar file as before.

Running LicenseManager using Java 5.0

Similarly to installation, run the LicenseManager not by clicking on the LicenseManager.exe file, but by running the LicenseManager class directly:

"java -cp installer/cginstaller.jar com.cloudgarden.installer.LicenseManager"